Exhibition Information | ZBOM Featured Product | Metal Line

Exhibition Information | ZBOM Featured Product | Metal Line

ZBOM Cabinets

Exhibition Information


22th China International Kitchen and Bath Facilities Exhibition


Time: 31th, May, 2017 – 3rd, June, 2017

Venue: Booth N1 B03, Shanghai New International Expo Center


Featured Product 


Metal Line 

Postmodern Industrial Concept + Natural Elements


This ZBOM design is an audacious blend of modesty and authenticity. Mixed yet harmonious, artful yet natural, streamlined yet intuitive, ZBOM Metal Line is a well thought-out blend of refined and natural elements, accentuating a magnetic appeal and comforting warmth. Flaunting its postmodern industrial elements, the wood, standalone or combined, stands as an enchanting centerpiece to the components it incorporates.



*  Product Name: Metal Line

*  Door front: high pressure laminate

*  Cabinet Box: 3/4" thick particle board with laminated melamine

*  Counter top: imported pure quartz

*  EP: Carb Phase 2



{Ergonomic appeal}

Kitchen is where life happens.

Kitchen has become way more than “where the cooking happens”. With ZBOM Metal Line design, open access between kitchen and entertaining space, is right at your fingertips. This design’s exceptional versatility is always there, to ensure that life is tailored to your every mood and need. When days are blue, it can be an island of tranquility, blocking frustrating and upsetting trivia. In times of needs, it can be a gathering spot, interpreting the core essence of family warmth and intimacy.

Kitchen is no longer an isolated and single location; kitchen is a place where new flavors are added and life paths intertwined.


{Subtle choice of textures and lights}

Beauty is in our awareness of perfection.


Beauty does not exist unless we see it with an awareness of perfection. Piercing through the façade of ZBOM Metal Line design, unique elements, i.e. textures, colors, accessories and lights, are creatively chosen and creatively assembled together, allowing an irresistible metal-like feel to thrive and flow freely. In its placement, straight lines come together with a tasteful and artful touch, reflecting both practicality and geometrical simplicity, all the way from the bare essentials to the smallest details.


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