Global Competitiveness Report | Features: ZBOM Branch Workshop#2 (Part 3)

Global Competitiveness Report | Features: ZBOM Branch Workshop#2 (Part 3)

ZBOM Cabinets

Global Competitiveness Report


Features: ZBOM Branch Workshop#2 (Part 3)


Every plate can be traced from its beginning 

At ZBOM, details in every manufacturing process are logged into ZBOM information system, meticulously and comprehensively. Every plate of ZBOM cabinet can be traced from raw material entry to finished product delivery. Our perfectionism is what ensures everything we make is of the finest quality and the latest design, as well as reaches the highest standard of safety across the globe.

Additionally, what makes ZBOM even more outstanding is ZBOM management system. Research and development is paramount for us. ZBOM has specialists in house whose role is to keep vigil on the cabinetry market so that all latest designs, innovative inspirations, and market trends are tracked. For both existing and new production lines, guidelines are provided for manufacturing workforce to adhere to. To maintain high ZBOM levels, our quality control team organizes inspections on a daily basis, both pre-production and final. Every cabinet we produce is tested and tested again to make certain it is safe.


"Quality = consciousness + responsibility"

This is printed on the wall of every manufacturing site. This is instilled in the conscience of every ZBOM people. At ZBOM, we are all specialists in cabinetry segment. Our senior management and key employees have a significant background in the manufacture and design of kitchen cabinets. “Pay attention to every detail” has become a habit for years. You can clearly see the influence in creative designs and multiple materials of ZBOM products. Since it is our commitment to deliver safety first, quality assured, and made-to-last products, this same sense of responsibility has led us to exceed expectations and turn products into handicrafts.


We care deeply for the health and safety of every ZBOM worker. To reduce noise and dust to the maximum extent possible, all ZBOM staff is equipped with earplugs, masks, and uniforms. This has been the core value since the beginning of ZBOM history. 



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