Global Competitiveness Report | ZBOM Factory: Brief Introduction

Global Competitiveness Report | ZBOM Factory: Brief Introduction

ZBOM Cabinets

Global Competitiveness Report


ZBOM Factory (1)


ZBOM Cabinets: an expanding enterprise

Over the years, ZBOM Cabinets has gained tremendous expertise in the development, design, manufacture and test of cabinets needed to provide specific yet comprehensive solutions to both clients and end-users across the globe. Founded in 1998 and now ranked No. 2 in Chinese cabinet segment, ZBOM stand apart from the competition in numerous ways, but not least among them is experience. Earnest and down-to-earth experience.


ZBOM Cabinets: a pyramid development mode

What is ZBOM pyramid development pattern? Factory establishment first and business development later. ZBOM began in 1998 with a small ZBOM plant of 500 square meters. Now, ZBOM has 3 manufacturing bases.

-         Main Plant: 350,000 square meters, located in Lianshu Road, specializing in internal trade, with an annual output of 200,000 sets, approximately

-         Branch Plant#1: 53,000 square meters, located in Hetang Road, specializing in closet manufacturing, with an output of almost 360,000 sets per year

-         Brand Plant#2: 55,000 square meters, located in Shuangdun Industrial Park, specializing in foreign trade, with a per year yield of around 200,000 sets

No matter what development stage you find us in now, product quality is the top priority for ZBOM people. That is why at ZBOM manufacturing is only done in-house under strict and tight QC processes. 


ZBOM Cabinets: cutting-edge HOMAG production system

Few Asian manufacturers, let alone those in our specific sector, use only top-brand imported machinery and equipment as we do. Since product quality is the driving force behind every decision made by ZBOM, both production bases were built according to European standards. Also, ZBOM is equipped with German HOMAG automatic intelligent CNC lines, unswervingly bringing cabinets of high precision and high quality.

-    HOMAG automatic panel dividing saw horizontally and vertically

-    HOMAG automatic quadruple-end edge banding machine

-    CNC processing center

-    CNC drilling center

-    WEEKE vacuum molding machine

-    Other imported equipment




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