Global Competitiveness Report | ZBOM Exhibition Hall

Global Competitiveness Report | ZBOM Exhibition Hall

ZBOM Cabinets

Global Competitiveness Report


Exhibition Hall


It has become about so much more than product display. 

ZBOM manufactures top-notch cabinets available on the current market. Unlike the competition, we don’t just custom every design and every piece of it according to exact requirements, we go beyond your expectation and give you more than hoped for.

One exhibition room can reveal a lot about one company. Your history. Your innovation capability. Even your vision and value. The brand-new ZBOM exhibition hall, which has been put into operation this April, is an architectural symbol of everything ZBOM people stand for, i.e. continuous improvement and attention-to-detail attitude.


ZBOM pays attention to every bit of detail.

In an area totaling 4,000 square meters, the exhibition hall is functionally and meticulously divided into 5 parts, for kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, other kitchen products, finished projects, as well as negotiation and reception. It exhibits our exploration into a wide spectrum of cabinets designed to meet every lifestyle, showing ZBOM’s determination to lead the global cabinetry trend in target market. In here, you will definitely get inspired by various design ideas, and for sure, you will also find the right cabinets for each house as well.

Also, in this brand-new room, hundreds of cabinets and thousands of kitchen products are displayed. You can actually see yourself try different possibilities, and select the ones that fit your personality the most. Items that suit you will help you save time in the kitchen for get-together with families and friends.


ZBOM keeps up with growing demands.

Every department at ZBOM, service team, research and development (R&D), customer service, and quality control (QC) teams included, strives to keep continuous improvement. Take our R&D team as an example, it is well-funded and working day in and day out to make our production complete. For us ZBOM people, continuous improvement is not a catchphrase; we are one of the few who are actually doing it.

Combined with carefully selected materials, exquisite and functional designs, tight QC and manufacturing processes, ZBOM cabinets not only meet but also excel standards. Addressing the actual needs of clients and end-users, ZBOM is continuously growing bigger and better on a daily basis.




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