Global Competitiveness Report | People behind ZBOM Projects

Global Competitiveness Report | People behind ZBOM Projects

ZBOM Cabinets

Global Competitiveness Report


People behind Projects


A company with a long-term vision and mission

ZBOM is a dynamic, fast-growing provider of guaranteed environmentally friendly and non-toxic cabinets available in the custom kitchen furniture sector, and we intend to remain far into the future. Distribution clients and end-users alike know ZBOM as one-stop shopping of stylish and all-around inspirations brought to life, delivered with responsive and consistent service. People at ZBOM firmly believe that the market has great demand for original, functional and tailor designs, crafted as products of superior quality, and end-users are more willing to invest their money on long-term value than spending money on knockoff. At ZBOM, long-term vision is not a mantra of management; we are few who actually put it into practice.


Compartmentalized tasks with joint responsibility

How we manage to reach the top in this specific segment is in the details of our exceptional workflow. At ZBOM, research and development (R&D), customer service, and quality control (QC) teams included, we focus on actual needs of end-user and client. These concerns are addressed by ZBOM, both collectively, i.e. as a company, and individually, i.e. as every employee. Though our tasks often compartmentalized, we have joint responsibility. Apparently, not all problems are solved on our own, focused expertise help us operate more reliably, efficiently and precisely. For critical components, the best items available are imported from top brands across the globe, but assembled internally at ZBOM. Combined with carefully-sourced materials and strictly self-controlled key production processes, ZBOM bests its competitors and goes beyond expectations of clients time and again.


Same characters and characteristics from loyal employee to new hires

People at ZBOM know that a supplier is only as problem-free as its weakest link, and so we strive to make sure we don’t have any. These consistently excellent characters and characteristics are rooted in ZBOM company culture and work philosophy. With same values straight through from management to non-management, each step taken, including the ones yet to be taken, is nothing less than perfect, just like our cabinets.


All that said, ZBOM is a cabinet manufacturer with an inspiring story to tell that is both engaging and insightful. 



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