Global Competitiveness Report | ZBOM Customer Service

Global Competitiveness Report | ZBOM Customer Service

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Global Competitiveness Report


ZBOM Customer Service


We don’t ship products, we are top solution provider.

If you want the best cabinets for kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or any other room, consider ZBOM. Different from its competition, ZBOM unwaveringly strive to deliver the best solution, and make it our driving force. Those aforementioned solutions aren’t only for clients, but for end-users. Products are designed, crafted and tested as if we will personally use them. ZBOM aims to make products problem-free and easy-to-use as possible so that you won’t need to call the service center in the first place. With in-depth investigation into end-users’ preferences on actual needs and comprehensive customer feedbacks, effective improvement and exceptional performance are achieved, which in turn will positively affect communication in cooperation.


We are by your side every step of the journey to your dream house.

When we say “we are by your side every step of the journey to your dream house”, we mean it, literally. For starters, ZBOM has professional experts on the consultation team, offering cabinetry galleries to browse and “must-have” resource to review. All materials you need to prepare yourself before entering one project. Kitchen is the best expression of who you are and how you live. Next, experienced ZBOM designer will help you explore your décor possibilities on site and ensure your dream cabinet fit the way you live and stay on budget. Your creative personal inspiration added to the sketch will take you one step forward to the dream house. Products will be safely shipped to your doorstep and installed by professional personnel on schedule. Rest assured, this is not the end.


Annual Maintenance Operation – Smiling Program

As one inseparable part of the service package, ZBOM has excellent annual maintenance operation, called Smiling Program. Before each Spring Festival, personnel in Smiling Program will visit every ZBOM customers with a Smiley Face Badge, bringing maintenance and repair to every household while communicating with each end-user to get firsthand data.


Cabinet is not a business, it is a passion.

Any other brands of comparable quality, scale and output lack the willingness to provide tailored and comprehensive solutions. ZBOM is unique and that’s because we love what we do and we are passionate about what and how we can help to make dream house come true.



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