Cabinets manufacture in China






  • 1998    ZBOM was established at Hefei, a city famous for science and education.
  • 2004    By researching China’s special kitchen culture and always thinking from the point of the consumers, ZBOM started to promote the concept of “Real Kitchen” as the pioneer in China.
  • 2005    ZBOM jumped into China’s top 30 listed in kitchen cabinets industry.
  • 2006    “Aegean Sea” and “Milan impression” have earned design gold medal in China Kitchen Cabinet Awards, and was invited to attend “Eurocucin”. ZBOM has awarded many honors in international stage.
  • 2007    Output has exceeded a hundred million, and has entered into China’s top 10 listed in the kitchen cabinets industry.
  • 2008    ZBOM has set up about 300 franchises, and earned “China Environmental Labelling”.
  • 2009    One of the largest scale kitchen cabinets manufacture bases in Asia was created with the foundation of new factory. ZBOM entered into China’s top 5 listed in kitchen cabinets industry with an annual output of 100,000 sets and RMB 300,000,000 and won the honor “Top 10 Leading Enterprises In Kitchen Industry” in 2009.
  • 2010    The annual output in 2010 exceeded RMB 500,000,000, and earned “Top 10 Leading Enterprises In Kitchen Industry” for the second time.
  • 2011    In 2011, the annual output exceeded a billion. More than 800 franchised stores spread all over China. The third period automatic factory was finished. Its output could achieve 200,000 sets; ZBOM comprehensive strength ranked top 3 in the industry.
  • 2012    Shanghai Investment Summit in May has signed 106 customers. Until Guangzhou Investment Summit in July, totally have one thousand stores.
  • 2013    “ZBOM” has been recognized as Well-known Brand in China by SAIC. Its franchised stores exceeded 1,100.